Admissions & Enrollment Process

Escuela Popular shall admit all students who wish to attend the school. In the event that the number of students seeking admission to any grade or class exceeds capacity, attendance, except for existing students of the school, shall be determined by a public random drawing.

In the case of a drawing:

Preference will be extended to students currently attending the school and students who reside in the district except as provided for in Section 47614.5 of the Education Code. In addition to the statutorily mandated preferences, Escuela Popular intends to extend preferences to siblings of current students, children of staff, and children of school founders (provided that students admitted under a founders’ preference shall not constitute more than 25 percent of the school’s enrollment). In summary.

Preferences will be extended in the following order:

(1)  students currently attending the school

(2)  students who reside in the district

(3)  siblings of current students

(4)  children of staff

(5)  children of school founders, provided that students admitted under the founders’ preference shall not constitute more than 25% of the school’s enrollment

Enrollment Process:

  1. Parent/guardian attendance at a school orientation meeting or individual meeting with Deans of Student & Family Engagement  or director of student support
  1. Completion of student enrollment forms
  1. Submit appropriate documentation
  1. Submit signed Commitment Form and Handbook Acknowledgment


Patricia Reguerin
Executive Director Escuela Popular