E. K. "EKS" Shang

PM CTC Principal

E. K. “EKS” Shang

PM CTC Principal




Years at EP


What attracted you to EP?

Escuela Popular is a place with tremendous HEART. Our staff is dedicated and caring. Our teachers are compassionate and inspiring. Our students are motivated and determined.

What’s the best part of your job?

Interacting and connecting with all of the amazing people at EP.

How does your passion align with EP’s vision?

I have a passion for excellence in education for all; everyone deserves the chance to secure a quality high school education for themselves no matter their background or circumstances. I have a strong belief in the power of education to transform individuals, families, and communities. Escuela Popular embodies the best of these ideas, and I am honored and proud to do my part to make its vision a reality.

E. K. “EKS” Shang

E. K. “EKS” Shang