Margaret Dominguez


Margaret Dominguez

Principal of High School Academy

Years at EP

14 years

What attracted you to EP?

What attracted me to Escuela Popular was to be a part of a small school setting in which I can make a great impact among our youth. I need to be part of closing that achievement gap among our Latino students, and give them the skills, support and motivation needed to graduate and continue on to higher education. I was also extremely attracted to the powerful Latino community, and it’s desire to build a strong voice among our Latinos through education and through activism. I want to make sure our students have the confidence and the voice to speak up against any injustice and racism they experience.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is my daily contact with students, I enjoy talking with them and helping them navigate through their emotions and lives. In addition, I enjoy collaborating with colleagues to continue building a strong community of learners.

How does your passion align with EP’s vision?

My passion is to see our students graduate and continue on to higher education which is aligned to EP’s vision.

Margaret Dominguez 

Margaret Dominguez