Experience Our History

Escuela Popular is a family learning center that serves Pre K-12 children and adults who are seeking a high school diploma. Lidia Reguerin an educator of over 50 years of experience founded Escuela Popular. This community based grassroots school to address the growing need for English classes in east San Jose and has been providing educational services since 1986. Within the first year of operation, the demand for learning grew rapidly and Escuela Popular continued to expand in number of students, classes and services. In the 23 years of service, Escuela Popular has sustained itself and continued to grow from the support of its student body.

The school was founded on the teaching principles of Paulo Freire. Escuela Popular views popular education as a collective effort in which teachers and learners are not two distinct groups. Escuela Popular prides itself in developing its own homegrown teaching staff. Many graduates return to Escuela Popular as teachers. Freire believed that authentic instruction is a “pedagogy of hope” for the poor and for politically disempowered people.

Teaching should strive to develop social and intellectual consciousness through respectful, cooperative, engaged, and activity-based dialogues between the teachers and students.