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Believing that learning is social and connected, we have established interdependent academies:

Childcare Academy Escuela Popular

Escuela Popular Childcare Academy’s mission is to stimulate the different areas of a child’s development. Its curriculum was inspired by Waldorf’s pedagogy, which uses teaching methods that seek to build a balance between the children’s intellect, imagination, and will.  The purpose is to prepare children to reach maturity in all aspects.

Dual Language Academy Escuiela Popular

The dual language proficiency that is offered to Escuela Popular students is a priceless resource that provides children with the self-confidence to believe that they can, indeed, succeed as students. This belief motivates students to continue their careers as life long learners.  A bilingual individual contributes many skills beyond that of speaking another language.

Under1 9 High School Escuela Popular

Escuela Popular’s High School Academy under 19  provides intensive English Language Development so that students are able to meet their goal of graduating bilingual and biliterate. Students benefit from the individual attention afforded by a 20:1 student-to-teacher ratio. 

Over 19 High School Escuela Popular

Escuela Popular's Center for Training and Careers (EP/CTC) serves several groups of over 19 students. Escuela Popular seeks to serve the community in the best way possible. The overwhelming majority of our students are primarily Spanish speaking. 


Escuela Popular Educates to Transform Lives.

Drone Photo Escuela Popular


Our Family Learning Center believes that teaching is an act of love through which learning is reciprocal.
We develop bilingual, bi-cultural students fully prepared to continue onto higher education and empowered to pursue their goals in a global society.

Escuela Popular's community of teachers, students, parents, and staff believe that teaching is an act of love and learning is a lifelong activity.

Escuela Popular Maestra Lidia

Escuela Popular is a family learning center that serves Pre K-12 children and adults who are seeking a high school diploma. Escuela Popular was founded by Lidia Reguerin -- an educator of over 50 years of experience.


Escuela Popular

We believe teaching is an act of love; therefore, we work to liberate and empower participants for self-determination. Love is an inward development of compassion and the capacity to believe unconditionally in self and others. 


Escuela Popular

The majority of our staff is reflective of the student body.  Accordingly, Escuela Popular provides a smooth transition in what is often a new culture for students.