High School Academy 19 and Over

Escuela Popular seeks to serve the community in the best way possible. The overwhelming majority of our students are primarily Spanish speaking. Our student base is from all over the Santa Clara Valley. However, it is primarily from the Downtown and East Valley areas of San Jose.

Escuela Popular/Center for Training and Careers (EP/CTC) serves several groups of over 19 students:

  • Recent immigrants for whom the US school experience is new and intimidating. Some of them have had no education, others have had limited or interrupted cycle of education. Their primary language is Spanish
  • Out-of-school students who find it difficult to be successful in large comprehensive high schools. Most of these students seek a second chance at completing an education and improving their lives, as well as their children’s lives
  • Working adults who have full-time employment while attending school
  • Parents, some of whom are single heads of households

Escuela Popular, since its inception, has had a single vision for the high achievement of all students. We use what we know about our students to:

  • Provide meaningful learning experiences in a small school setting to ensure the life of each student is impacted positively
  • Offer extended hours to accommodate the academic and non-academic needs of students
  • Develop “home-grown” teachers
  • Provide free on-site childcare for students’ children
  • Develop the English language skills of students through intensive instruction

A goal of Escuela Popular is to ensure that students see and feel school as a reflection of their community.

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High School Academy 19 and Over

High School Academy 19 and Over

High School Academy 19 and Over