San Juana Ochoa

Curriculum and Instruction Co-Director of Escuela Popular

San Juana Ochoa

Curriculum and Instruction Co-Director  of Escuela Popular

Years at EP

30 years

What attracted you to EP?

That it was a bilingual school for adults with bilingual teachers and provided students with child care at NO Cost. Besides that, the director gave me confidence to learn at the beginning and later she gave me the opportunity to grow as a person preparing me to acquire my higher education from High School supporting me with full scholarship to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies. Soon I was hired as a Teacher’s Assistant and climbed every position from there to the actual one as a Curriculum Director. She believed on me as later I believed on my students.

What’s the best part of your job?

That I have had the opportunity to learn, teach, and grow from bottom to top. Learning the basics to continue my higher education from High School to University level bringing my children with me at the same time. Experienced and mastered teaching in all ESL levels to youth and adults continuously accomplishing the best experiences from students and teachers. Putting in practice my Teaching experience and strategies learned and researching to support and update the ESL curriculum to a higher academic level that is combined with the original school’s mission and vision and CCSS.

How does your passion align with EP’s vision?

I love to teach students using my Art talents that help students learn in a real life environment, and all the strategies achieved to open doors for them for their future lives. I believe on their abilities and I know I am able to transform their lives through education the same way I did. Also, I love to transfer my experience to other colleagues in order to keep alive the Founder’s dream of “Transforming lives with love”. Another way where my passion is when I apply my experience to contribute in the development of an updated curriculum that improves the existing one and it is aligned with the new CA Common Core Standards.

 San Juana Ochoa

San Juana Ochoa